Which Jeans Should Obese Women Wear To Be Nice But Feel Comfortable?

Which Jeans Should Obese Women Wear To Be Nice But Feel Comfortable?

Which jeans should obese women wear to be nice but feel comfortable?

The stubby people usually face the situation that the fat was accumulating in belly, hip and thigh and it makes their form look unbalanced. So practically, the obese women have favoritism in choosing the dresses to hide the defect of their body. However, on hard rainy days, the best choice is still choosing jeans or fake jeans or 4-way stretch cotton pants to get the comfortable feeling when wearing.

So which jeans should the obese women wear to raise the form but also bring to them the comfortable feeling for every kind of weather. Let’s find out in the following content.

I. Which jeans should obese women wear ?

The stubby form makes you face difficulty in fashion even with the jeans you wear daily. However, once you know the right kind and know how to combine it, you will become the exact fashionista.

1. Plus size skinny jeans

Despite that skinny jeans is the tapered jeans, tight form but mostly, it is made of elastic material so it still can make the comfortable feeling for the wearer. With the people who have oversized legs, they should choose the dark colored pants such as black, brown or navy, they will help them look smaller.

Basically, the skinny jeans appearance looks simple but that simplicity helps you distract the look of people. The opposite people will no longer pay attention on your legs but instead, they focus on the others details on your cloth.

Which Jeans Should Obese Women Wear

Skinny jeans help your rough and big legs look smaller.

But there is one notice for this and that is: Due to the skinny jeans is tapered form so it is not really appropriate with stubby people have small legs because it will make the form look even more unbalanced when the upper body is large but the lower legs are so small. So the kind of pants is suitable for the obese women with small legs is jeans with straight legs or it can be wider a bit.

2. Plus size jeans legging pants

Plus size jeans legging pants was born to fix the defect of traditional jeans. With all direction stretch material, the straight legs form like trouser the none zipper design, it brings to the obese women the comfortable, light feeling but still look modern.

This is the suitable pants for obese women have the big belly, hip and thigh. Big size fake jean legging pants does not only help to raise the form but also hide the defect on the body effectively.

Which Jeans Should Obese Women Wear

Big size jeans legging pants with good elasticity is suitable for people who have “oversized” legs

Caution: The pants for stubby people should be the kinds of pants have high waisted design and they are dark colored because these elements can make best effect to hide the defect.

II. Plus size jean skinny or jeans legging pants can be easy to combine the variety of clothes

1. Combine jeans with dark colored shirt

We can say that fashion is the art of using colors. Every color has an unique feature, meaning and message. If you understand the feature of every color, you can totally master your own cloth.

In fashion, black is the very popular basic color because it is the color can make the depth and attraction for the wearer. Moreover, the dark colors always make the slim feeling for the wearer. With this “stupendous” advantage, we can choose the wider shirts, it is not necessary to wear the tight shirt all the time.

Which Jeans Should Obese Women Wear

Black is the heat absorbing color so you can wear the full “combo” on the cool or chill days

2. Combine jeans with white color

Combine the contrasted colored cloth is also a way to make the opposite people only focus on the cloth, no longer pay more attention on the fat legs. Same to black, white is also the popular basic color. If you only take a glimpse on it, you might think that the bright colors are not compatible with obese women but in fact, it is contrary to what you think, white is the light color, it is easy to wear, easy to combine with other colors more than ever.

We love white not only in its pure essence but also the familiar feeling, the freedom it brings to us. That is why people are not afraid of being monotonous when wearing jeans with white shirt.

Which Jeans Should Obese Women Wear

White shirt will attract the look of opposite people, distract their attention on oversized legs

3. Jean skinny or jeans legging pants match high heels

With the women, high heels are a part of their life, because they help to raise the fascinated curves on the body of women. Along with tight jeans, high heels to raise the form are indispensible.

Every step of women on their high heels becomes the step of confidence and pride. Every woman, no matter how tall or big they are, they all need more than a pair of high heels in their wardrobe.

Which Jeans Should Obese Women Wear

Even with the oversized legs, the obese women still look slim and elegant by wearing skinny jeans with high heels.

4. Jeans and shirt

If you are the person has strong personality or want to make the generous style, do not miss the way to match cloth with shirt. Shirt is the safe fashion but never get obsolete. Choose the shirts have fit form, not too tight but also not too wide.

Especially, you can use the shirt to tie round your hip to make the spotlight. Very simple but also very effective.

Which Jeans Should Obese Women Wear

Shirt is the safe fashion but never get obsolete

5. Jeans matches T – shirt

This is the most simple way to combine jeans for stubby people. Jeans and T – shirt, the perfect pair is suitable for every girl. It is not a new combination but always reasonable. T – shirt brings the activeness, youth for the wearer.

You can choose the white T – shirt to make the unique layers of color when combining with black jeans. Or dark colored T – shirts are also the good hint for girls who have white skin if you want your whole form looks smaller.

Which Jeans Should Obese Women Wear

T - shirt is easy to wear, no matter how stubby you are

Which Jeans Should Obese Women Wear

T – shirt matches plus size jeans legging pants is nice and also modern

We hope with the above content, you have found the answer for the question: Which jeans should obese women wear? So they can raise the form but also still feel comfortable and light. Hopefully that this post will be useful for obese women for choosing clothes for upcoming hard rainy and wet days.



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