The Way To Distinguish Whether It Is Good Clothes Or Bad Clothes

The Way To Distinguish Whether It Is Good Clothes Or Bad Clothes

The ways to distinguish whether it is good clothes or bad clothes

With the diversity of fashion stuff, the mixing of good clothes and bad clothes in apparel stores is an unavoidable thing. Therefore, the ways to distinguish whether it is good clothes or bad clothes is the necessary things at the present when it’s getting hard to distinguish the real and fake ones.

So whenever you buy clothes for yourself or your family, you should prepare for yourself some basic knowledge of ways to distinguish the good clothes in order to avoid wasting money.

1. The seam

Spread your clothes in the seam spot to look closer to the seam. The good ones have the tight, neat and straight seam. You can try to use hand and spread the ledges of the fabric  and see, if the seam is not fit and straight, then you might picking the bad clothes.

The  seam is one of the important points of making a good shirt or a good pants.

2. The zippers

You should notice the kind of clothes have zipper. The ones with the metal zipper is covered by the outside sheet of fabric will be weaved more precisely, the endurance will be better than the exposed plastic zipper.

The zipper for shirt or pants will be better and has good endurance when it is covered by a sheet of fabric.

3. The ledge seam of shirt or pants

Usually, the good clothes or luxurious clothes have wide ledge seam. The pants and the bottom of dress have the 2cm wide ledge seam. The shirt and T-shirt might have the smaller ledge seam, around 1cm. If the clothes don’t have this ledge stitch seam or it is so narrow, you should pick another one.

Because if the ledge seam is so narrow or it is only a simple, temporary over lock like the left picture then there is probability that when you do the laundry for it for the first time, this ledge seam will be separated and makes the whole pants or shirt look awful.

If the seams of the bottom of pants or shirt are so small, they will be easy to be separated when get hard impacted such as doing the laundry, searing, wringing.

The pants has the 1~2cm wide ledge seam to be good clothes.

4. The quality of fabric

Spread the fabric hard to check the quality. Spread it lightly a part of a dress or a shirt and release it. If the fabric doesn’t go back to its initial form, the quality of the fabric of this cloth is quite low.

The good clothes are the ones will not be distorted after got harm such as spreading or doing the laundry.

5. The brand sheet and the Information on it

Pay attention on brand sheet and the information on it. Natural fabrics such as cotton, silk etc… are stiff have better endurance than synthetic fibers. Moreover, the brand sheet of famous brand looks more professional and delicate than fake brand sheet, only mended to full fill the cloth.

Pay attention on the information of the kind of fabric on brand sheet in order to look for the suitable material.

6. The color assimilation of fabric and stitch 

Check the color of fabric and stitch of the cloth, if the color of those two parts is not the same, that is the sign of a careless made cloth, bad quality cloth because the cloth without the color assimilation of fabric and stitch will make the cloth look awful.

The color assimilation of fabric and stitch indicates the carefulness of the tailor.

7. The seam at the gap for button

With the bad quality clothes, people usually weave it carelessly and do not pay attention on small detail. You need to make sure that all the gaps for buttons are stiff and the seam does not expose, the seam color of the gaps for button must not be the same with the color of cloth. The gap should be nice and fit.

The seam at the gap for button is thick and straight, does not expose the seam is one of the factors to assess a good cloth.

8. Make sure that the length of the rail for zipper is not excess or less compare to the length of the product

When you buy cloth, you should notice the length of the rail for zipper and also its color and see if it is suitable with the cloth or not. The zipper of the dress or the bottom of dress or any cloth must be balance for the length and also for the color layer with the color of cloth.

Notice the length on two sides of the zipper and see if it is balance and has the same color with cloth or not.


We hope with the above information, you would know the ways to distinguish whether it is good clothes or bad clothes to serve your daily demand of buying clothes. Makes it better day by day.



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