What Pants Should Obese Women Wear?

What Pants Should Obese Women Wear?

What pants should obese women wear and is the tight elastic pants suitable for them ?


What pants should obese women wear? You might have asked yourself occasionally that: Can my “stubby form” wear and wear the tight elastic pants nicely, or I should choose other wider pants to hide the “bread hip” a little bit ?


There is a lot of opinions that stubby people or people with big belly should not wear the tight clothes due to they will expose many defects but that case only happens when you haven’t found the suitable pants for you. Because, no matter that you are slim person with big belly or overweighed person etc… But once you pick one of these following pants, it will bring to you a stupendous form greater than any good formed girl.

1/ Tummy pants – Pants for women with big belly


Tummy pants is suitable for women after giving birth or the middle aged mothers with big belly. With the essence is tight elastic pants (not tight legging pants), high waisted designed pants, soft cotton fabric, good elasticity, the legs tie fitly, helps the form of obese women balance from the top to the bottom harmoniously  but does not make the tight feeling or irritate the opposite people.


This is the kind of pants fixes the defect of legging pants quite goodly, with thick elasticity, tie but does not expose the fat line. This is the very suitable pants for people with thick belly or overweighed or oversized hip.

Tummy pants is easy to combine with many different shirts and also helps tie the belly with many fat lines fitly.

2/ Tight jeans or high waisted skinny jeans


With the people who have passion with fashion, Jeans is always the most fascinated material. And one of the suitable pants for stubby people is categorized in the list is tight jeans or skinny jeans with thick jean material, makes the stubby people look smaller.


Despite the defect of tight jeans or skinny jeans is the zipper, the zipper ties the belly fiercely, makes the stubby people feel tired, heavy and hard to breathe but most of the stubby girls are still loyal with this kind of pants due to its activeness and youth.

What Pants Should Obese Women Wear (4)

Tight jeans

What Pants Should Obese Women Wear (4)

Tight jeans or skinny jeans is suitable for stubby girls who love the youth, activeness.

3/ Fake high waisted jeans (Tummy fake jeans)


Basically, Tummy fake jeans is the tightly elastic pants, with elastic jean material, it is elastic lightly and it is designed to fix the defect of traditional jean: No zipper, no button, the back is elastic, tie lightly, does not make the heavy and fiercely tight feeling when wearing it.


Tummy fake jeans with soft elasticity, high waisted design increase the variety, diversity in the wardrobe of the mothers have big belly.

What Pants Should Obese Women Wear (4)

Tummy fake jeans raise the form, make the form of wearer smaller.

What Pants Should Obese Women Wear (4)

Tummy fake jeans brings to the stubby people the young and modern fashion.




Through the upper content, you must have found the answer for the question “What pants should stubby people wear ?”, right ?. We hope that this post will help the obese girls keep the optimistic, comfortable and confident feeling and the most important thing is transcending the limitation, allow yourself  to wear the cute jean to become the confident and attractive girl in your own way.


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