Where Do The Foreigners Buy Clothes In Sai Gon ?

Where Do The Foreigners Buy Clothes In Sai Gon ?

Where do the foreigners buy clothes in Sai Gon ?

There are many kind of foreigners in Viet Nam such as Visitors, Abroad Workers, Immigrators etc… and no matter what kind of foreigners they are. They still demand to buy clothes for their job, daily life or as a gift for their family whenever they go back to their hometown.

Therefore, in this post I’m going to share to you few places where the foreigners can go to and buy the suitable clothes for themselves and for their family.

So, where do the foreigners buy clothes in Sai Gon ?

The standard body of foreigners is big, muscular and tall so the suitable clothes for them must be the big size ones. The following places below are the professional providing clothes stores for foreigners in Viet Nam

1. Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh market was becoming a culture place for foreigners to visit to. Every foreigner visit to BenThanh market when they come to HCM city. Ben Thanh market is in the center of district 1. Links to main streets of the center of HCM city at all direction.


BenThanh market is considered as “Tiny Sai Gon” with the diversity of stuff such as: Clothes, Souvenirs, fabrics, foods etc… Especially most of the clerks here can communicate in a lot of languages such as Japanese, Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese, English etc…


This market is considered as a place for visitors or overseas. And not only for buying demand, taking a stroll around this market is also the culture. Or if you only want to buy stuff, you can consider the rest of following places down here.


Ben Thanh market – A cultural place to visit of foreigners.

  • LEDA TUMMY Store

The professional apparel store provides all kind of big size pants for oversized women, it is suitable for the form of foreigners. It locates in Ben Thanh Market (No.15 East Gate), Phan Boi Chau Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. This place has all size of pants for stubby people with 60 – 110 kilogram weight.


All the pants here are made in Viet Nam with international standard quality, it is suitable for foreigners to wear or buy as a gift.

2. Russian market

It is located on a nice road which links east and west of district 1 (HCM City) its address: 328 Vo Van Kiet, Co Giang ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.


Russian market is a place provides the imported commodities from Russia and handmade, garment stuff for exporting to Russia. Especially, big size clothes here are very popular.


This is the considering place for buying clothes of foreigners in Viet Nam if they have the demand for buying the oversized clothes which are very hard to look for at the local market.


Russian market – one of the places for buying of foreigners in Viet Nam.

3. Short term markets for every weekend

At the present, we have 2Days Sale, Sale4share, Saigon Flea market, Saigon Holiday market etc… As the short term markets in HCM city.


Short term markets only open on the weekend, from 9 am to 9 pm, some markets only open once a month. The commodities here are various, but most of them are cosmetic, fashions, souvenirs, unique handmade accessories etc…


Short term markets for every weekend are the places the foreign visitors usually visit to when they are in Viet Nam.

4. Cambodia market

Not only traditional markets, HCM city also has few areas which are considered as “foreign markets” and they provide the stuff for foreigners or selling the foreign stuff. Cambodia market locates in Alley 374/51, Le Hong Phong street, Ward 1, District 10. This is the oldest “foreign market” of HCM city.


Cambodia market – The oldest “foreign market” of HCM city.

5. Malaysia market

A short array of stores on Nguyen An Ninh street (district 1). Many people call it “market” since this place gathered apparel and garment stores for Muslim. The majority of customers here are Malaysia.


Malaysia market – Most of stuff here are for Muslim.

The above information is hint for the question: “Where do the foreigners buy clothes?”. We hope this sharing will help the readers have more information of the selling oversized clothes places for foreigners in Viet Nam to serve the need of yourself or introducing to your friends.



LEDA TUMMY - Stretchy Pants for the obese women.

Hotline: +84 961 505 305

Store: Ben Thanh Market (No.15 East Gate), Phan Boi Chau Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

Email: ledatummy@gmail.com

Website: www.ledatummy.com

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