Term of Service

  1. Introduction

Welcome the dear customers come to our website.

When you, the dear customers access our website, it means that you agree with all these norms. The website have the permission to change, adjust, add more or remove any part in the norms of trading the product anytime. The changing will be applied instantly after being posted on the website without pre-informing. And when you continue using the website after the adjustment of these norms is posted, it means that you accept those changing.

Our dear customers please often check the website to update our modification.

  1. Instruction for using website

When access our website, the customers must be 18 year old, or access under the look of the parents or legitimate sponsors. The customers must ensure that they have full inhabitant awareness or action to do the product trading according to current principles of Vietnamese law.

During the process of signing up, you can accept receiving advertisement email from the website. If you don’t want to receive the mail for any longer, you can refuse it by clicking the link at the bottom of every advertisement email.

  1. Paying conveniently and safely.

The customers who buy can take a look at the following ways for paying and choose, apply the appropriate method:

First method: Paying directly ( the one who buy, they receive the product at the address of the seller )

Second method: Post paying ( COD – sending and receiving the payment at one place )

Third method: Paying online via the credit card, sending the payment through bank account.